About Us

Traegis Tech LLP was founded in early 2017 to provide a comprehensive services platform and data lake to track movement and provide assciated services.

We launched the Traeser app (www.traeser.com) based on the Traegis Engine in January 2018 and have received a very good response in terms of both membership and feedback.

Going beyond Traeser, we realize that planning and tracking is becoming a critical aspect of business whether it be field force or logistics or tourism or any other industry.

Traegis is in the process of promoting this platform as a Go-to platfom which is economical and reliable for any planning and tracking needs.


Individuals can use our Traeser app as is free of cost for planning their trips, inviting others and assigning observers whenever they go on a trip.

These services will be free and your privacy will be protected. There are no advertisements and data sharing of individual data with any third party

Further details are available at www.traeser.com


Businesses can create their own branded front end with similar functionality as in Traeser or create their own front-end using the back end services of Traegis. These services will be chargeable based on usage.

Development of such front-end can be done by the business itself or with our development partners as required

Please direct all enquiries to info@traegistech.com


Any software companies or device manufacturers who wish to take advantage of Traegis service engine to build their own front-end quickly and deploy smoothly using a shared service which is cheap and reliable can do so after registering with us.

Please contact us at info@traegistech.com for registration and commercial terms

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