Analytics Services

The Analytics Services of Traegis run on the Data Lake as a separate set of functions from the main services engine to ensure data security and minimise performance impact.

The Analytics services are available to our clients for their data and consolidated analytics are available for various insights into group behaviour such as:

  • Types of locations frequented
  • Time spent by broad category of location (nature, historical, arts etc.)
  • Individuals own history of riding/driving (not shared)
  • Individuals can generate personalised analysis for their days activities (time sheet, distances, locations visited Vs plan etc)

Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral Analysis provides better insight than the standard analytics conducted based on peoples search habits or prompted responses (aspirational). The Traegis Analytics is primarily driven by where people go and what the have demonstrably liked, disliked (for example routes taken by Harley owners) thereby giving a far greater more accurate insight into product marketing strategies

Reverse Analytics

Reverse Analytics is a Pull based presentation of offers which is influenced by context instead of the Push based system which will show items which may no longer be relevant to the person being targeted.

When the user asks to see something (insurance offers, clothes, equipment etc.) and is therefore more effective. When there is an interest expressed by the user in a category the Reverse Analytics works out the context in which the demand is made and shows relevant items

Privacy Protection

The Traegis Data Lake can only be accessed through a firewall hosting services which ensure that no personally identifiable information is exposed to anyone (system an data administrators). These services will both filter out and summarize data to ensure that anyone receiving it for analysis purpose cannot work out the the individual(s) the data is referring to

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