The Planning services of the Traegis Engine provides a comprehensive and flexible set of services and algorithms to help clients and individuals plan their trips and share them with others.

You can define your plan details, waypoints, who can participate and who can observe using these services. The Traegis engine also provides for automated generation of trip itinerary, comparison with actuals and can send notifications and updates as required to the participants and observers

The services can be easily extended to capture other information for the vehicle, driver, passengers, cargo etc. as required for the particular function

The planning services form an very powerful base for reporting analytics, comparisons and in-trip alerts and notifications in case of deviations and emergencies


The Planning Services can be used by multiple parties (trip organizer and participants OR client and transporter) to jointly discuss and agree to a route and schedule, this is possible because the service provides for on-line updates and refresh of changes made to the plan


The service can also upload data from other systems to automatically generate a route based on the places to be visited and rules provided by the client. Once a route is defined an Itinerary can be generated by the service and sent to the various stakeholders


The Planning service are designed to be extensible. As a result clients and partners can add attributes and rules as required to meet their functional requirements. For example a particular application may need more vehicle attributes or additional information on clients to be stored, these can be easily incorporated without long delays and testing

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