Tracking Services

The Traegis Tracking services provide a simple method for sending and sharing the location from a smartphone or tracking device, the location related information can be shared by other users based upon rules defined for that app or device creating a flexible platform for sharing under multiple functional needs.

The tracking service addresses some of the major issues faced by most users today such as:

  • Cost of data transmission
  • Power usage on smart phones and devices
  • Caching of data when no connectivity
  • Enabling “Burst Mode” transmission
  • Poor connectivity
  • Two way updates for notifications and dynamic changes

Location Update

Location updates are received in a simple format ensuring minimal data usage. Devices can send location in single or multiple (burst mode) to save cost and time. Location logs are maintained in the server to enable low end devices to use the services without need for local caching of data.

Location updates are backed by powerful rules processing algorithms which apply cleansing logic to ensure better accuracy in reporting and analysis

Rule Based Location Sharing

Based upon the business, clients and partners can specify their rules for sharing location details among their users as well as the need for anonymization. The location sharing services include the notification services which will send notifications to concerned users in case of changes, updates and emergencies.

This can enable a central observer to view and manage one or more tracked items e.g. if a group is spreading out or an individual is going off the route they can be informed to make the necessary corrections


The Traegis tracking services enable broadcasting of Emergency or Break messages to others (users, services, etc.) based upon the rules defined,. The tracking service gives location of person in emergency. The documents store can be shared with Emergency responders depending upon the rules defined for access in case of emergency.

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