The logistics sector in India is valued at approx. 385 Bn $, accounting for nearly 13-14% of our GDP. This extremely important sector for infrastructure growth and economic progress is however hampered by some major drawbacks.

Most of the processes are manual and it leads to significant time and costs in every aspect of the business:

  • Vendor selection and contract negotiations are mainly word-of-mouth
  • Bill passing requires manual integration from multiple systems, some of them manual
  • Actual arrival and departure times are always an issue as it is based on different sets of records by each party

Vehicle utilisation is generally less than 50% because of

  • Poor information flow between transporter and client leading to empty trips or waiting by transporter/client.
  • Higher costs due to non-optimised load sharing
  • Time spent just waiting to load and unload


The Traegis server based services can be utilized for retaining/tracking all documents required by the vehicle on each trip. These will be linked to the particular trip making the document availability immediate and specific. The Traegis engine can be designed to interact with government sites for automation.

We are also planning a blockchain solution around the transport contracts which will automate the billing and payment process by using the tracking logs


The Traegis Planning Services engine enables planning of routes with multiple waypoints, breaks, dates, durations etc. These plans are shared between all concerned, keeping everyone updated. This also leads to more efficient load sharing.


The Traegis Tracking Services engine will be utilized to track each and every consignment, no matter size or value. This will enhance ability to efficiently pick up and deliver shared loads. This tracking is shared between the provider/client and any other concerned party, leading to full transparency and preparedness. The Traegis engine tracking logs can be utilized for generating location/time reports. This will further automate the billing/payment process through introduction of Smart Contracts as the triggers can be automatically tracked.

In addition, Traegis Analytics services provide powerful tools for providing insights into truck utilization, driver performance, regulatory compliance etc. based on the tracking logs

Emergency and Breakdown

The Traegis tracking services enable broadcasting of “break” or “emergency requirements” to the entire group with the press of a button. In case of “emergency”, the emergency contact is also notified. The tracking gives location of person in emergency. The medical documents stored by the participant in their profile is made available to First Response personnel.

Mechanical emergency requirements are also more efficiently addressed as location of both vehicle in need and service vehicle are superimposed on the same map being controlled by the server for all concerned parties. Geolocational references enable targeting request to predefined and locationally closer service providers.

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