We are part of the 170MM+ community of two-wheeler riders in India, which is growing @ approx. 20MM units every year. As passionate riders, we were facing nagging issues on longer rides with multiple participants. These included:

  • Planing a route and informing all participants of the route, including meeting points and destinations.
  • Knowing where all participants were
  • Knowing everyone was safe
  • Ensuring near and dear ones knew of our location and wellbeing
  • Sharing memories
  • Making route available for others or for future reference

In Case of Emergency

  • Notifying other participants for immediate response
  • Locating person having an emergency
  • Access to Medical Records and Doctor

Traeser was conceived as an app which would run off a server based system to address some of the gaps felt by riders in a seamless ride experience with enhanced safety and emergency response management capabilities. Traeser utilises the Services of the TraegisTech LLP logic engines to curate data and deliver the required report to the user.

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Traeser utilizes the Traegis Planning Services engine to be able to plan a route with multiple waypoints, breaks, dates, durations etc. Being server based, these plans are shared between all participants, keeping everyone updated.

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Traeser utilizes the Traegis Tracking Services engine to be able track all participants in the trip. This tagged map is reflected on all participants screens, enabling positional references being available on line. Observers also get the positional maps shared. The Traegis tracking services also enable turn by turn directions to the next waypoint in case required.

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Traeser enable broadcasting of “break” or “emergency requirements” to the entire group with the press of a button. In case of “emergency”, the emergency contact is also notified. The tracking gives location of person in emergency. The medical documents stored by the participant in their profile is made available to First Response personnel.

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Participants can share memories in the form of pictures and feedback, which are maintained retained in the server. The route and other details are also archived for future reference and can be accessed by participants and observers through a search

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