Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism business is booming in India for both inbound (over 2 billion) and outbound (over 25 million ). While the services and facilities provided by the sector have improved significantly, there are a number of challenges faced by the industry as the volumes keep growing.

  • Create individual/group travel plans digitally and share details with all participants simultaneously.
  • Inform clients of changes in tour plans and new plans based on their preferences
  • Provide custom tours to the fast growing segment of HNI’s
  • React quickly to local disruptions and inform clients immediately when plans need to be changed
  • Determine client location for quick assistance in case of emergency
  • Keep the flock together during group tours
  • Change plans dynamically based on client feedback for custom tours
  • Inform partners about imminent arrivals so they are not left scrambling
  • Create Customer experience to make them want to come back to the same agency repeatedly


Traegis helps you plan trips for clients and provides insights into the type of places different categories would like to go to. In addition for HNI clients the Traegis planning engine will let you work out collaboratively and create custom trips, make changes and share the itinerary online.


The tracking services ensure that you are constantly in touch with the client to inform them of any changes, in case of group travel the engine will be able to provide locations of all participants in the event the group gets scattered.,

Emergency and Assistance

Clients using the Traegis system can send out calls for assistance or send a notification, the services will notify the relevant parties along with location information, so that the required service can be provided in the shortest possible time


The Traegis allows memories to be shared between the trip participants and retained in the server. The route and other details are also archived for future reference by the client. Clients may also nominate observers to view their progress online and upload pictures for them to view


Create a ‘memories’ brochure based upon pictures uploaded and places visited, also determine which places the customer preferred to go to and spend time in during the visit to better place future offers and plan tours

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