Provides a trip log based on your travels
Ideal for people who need to keep track of places visited for
  • Daily reporting
  • Creating Timesheets
  • Claiming Expenses
  • Verifyng Payments and Compensation
  • Settling Disputes
  • No Device Required
  • Low Data and Battery Usage

Trip Log

This trip log can be generated for any given period and will show the following:
  • Location visited
  • Time spent at a location
  • Travel distance between locations
  • Period when tracking was paused

You can view a location on the map by clicking on the location row
The log can be copied and pasted into other applications such as Excel for further processing


Trip Plan

Planning is optional and can be used as follows:
  • Select location by pressing on the map
  • Search using the search bar on top
  • Move a point around by pressing
  • View location details by tapping on a point
Planning lets you see the route to be taken and can give you directions to the next location when needed
available on Android

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